Y.J. Gold - Writer/Producer
Y.J. Gold – Born to an immigrant family in Chicago, YJ was poised to take all the opportunities that this new country had to offer. However, his parents decided that they needed to make sure it was as confusing as possible for their son and left the windy city for the back roads of Memphis, TN. It was there that young YJ would discover that the world is a funny place, filled with interesting and eccentric people. He did his parents proud and graduated high school and went to college. Deciding that Ivy Leagues weren’t for him, partly due to the high snobbery, and partly due to the fact that he would have never gotten in anyway, he went to UTK. He graduated with a degree in Psychology, which he promptly put away into a closet somewhere and then moved off to California to try to make it the entertainment industry. He and partner Gregory Blanche co-created Sketch Juice in 2012 and have been working at making videos every since.
Gregory Blanche - Writer/Producer
Gregory Blanche – Made the trek over to Los Angeles by way of Alabama in order to pursue acting full time. Greg is a man with many interests, from Capoeira and Free-Running to Stand-up and Biking, he truly is a Renaissance man. He and partner Y.J. Gold Co-created Sketch Juice in 2012.
Andrea Mai-Tran - Writer/Producer
Andrea Mai-Tran -Andrea Mai-Tran, one of eight children, was born and raised in Houston, Texas (like Yonce). After much nagging from her uneducated, unemployed father, she attended the University of Texas at Austin and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Geography (“in your face, dad”). Even with the chagrin of her parents, she moved to LA and followed her passion for comedy. She did a stint of stand-up. Now she is currently one of the very funny writer/actors/producers of @SketchJuice, adding some sass and keeping the boys from making horribly sexist videos ever since.